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Your Capitol Report subscription includes in-depth reporting of political, legislative, candidate, election, and economic development/community news PLUS

hundreds of new business opportunites and public notices each week.

Your subscription includes:
  • 104 Capitol Report printed newspaper issues
  • Regularly posted news online PLUS access to our searchable article archives
  • Email alerts to keep you informed of the most important current news PLUS breaking news alerts
  • In-depth, intelligent reporting of critically important news and events including:
  1. Impactful political news with a level of investigation you won't find in mainstream media
  2. Insightful reporting on this year's impactful election:candidates, campaigns, and more
  3. Analysis and updates on big publicly funded projects including infrastructure, stadiums, transit, community devleopment, and more
  4. "Capitol Retort" commentary on recent news plus guest commentary
  5. Capital City Calendar with St. Paul events
  6. Personal profiles and interviews with the people who make government work

Public notices from within and around Ramsey County and the east metro include: 

  • bankruptcies
  • foreclosures
  • business filings
  • auctions
  • calls for bids
  • legal notices
  • and more
You'll be able to access the notices 24/7 in our online searchable database at and in our printed newspaper editions, published Mondays and Thursdays.

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I’ll receive the digital edition, online access to Minnesota’s best political, policy, and public affairs reporting, and unlimited public notice database searches. PLUS, I’ll receive the Capitol Report twice-weekly free alert, via e-mail to keep me informed on the latest top stories.
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Two year subscription (208 issues)
FREE unlimited online access
to subscriber-only content, article archives, and our searchable foreclosure and public notice database. CAPITOL REPORT: Smart, engaging and essential reading for legislative and public policy watchers.
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Month-to-month subscription

Twice-weekly print issues PLUS online access to subscriber-only content, article archives, and our searchable foreclosure and public notice database.

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